Friday 26 August 2022

15mm Medieval Artillery

 I needed a couple of artillery pieces for my Spanish army, and these models from Essex Miniatures caught my eye:

Even though I only require two for the Spanish list, I have done six as a few will find use in other Medieval projects I have ahead of me:

Essex figures can be an acquired taste and the pointing figure seems to turn up in a few ranges, but their artillery pieces are very nice. I particularly like the siege guns, and the two with the mantlets are probably my favourite with the wood grain nicely sculpted and just pronounced enough for dry-brushing to bring it out:

That's the artillery for this project completed:

Next up will be the last group of Spanish required, which are some lighter javelin-armed troops. I also have sixteen Swiss mercenaries to complete however which, while not strictly Spanish, are an option under the DBMM Spanish lists. I was aiming to complete the entire project by the end of August and, depending how the weekend goes, might get close.

Friday 19 August 2022

15mm Medieval Spanish Knights and High Command

Nearly at the end of the project now, with the completion of twelve elements of Spanish knights:

As expected these took some time, especially in coming up with individual designs. Thankfully I ordered a few sheets of Little Big Men decals which I used on around half the figures. These were generic designs so took a bit of cutting and blending to make them work with the Khurasan figures:

The sheets included a few lance pennons, and I ordered some Spanish flags from Pete's Flags to add a bit of variety. The latter are more aimed at later medieval and Renaissance figures but I think they work quite well here:

The flags were however larger than I expected, designed as they are for standard bearers, so I reduced them by a third. I have emailed and asked him for permission to do this and will not be using any designs over and above what I actually purchased (there are a around two dozen on each sheet and I am only using a four or five of them). If he objects though I'll scrap them and replace them:

This is an example of the Little Big Men flags that came with the shield designs:

That's the knights completed then:

At the same time I completed three High Command elements to use as generals:

These are Khurasan's generic medieval high command, but I think they fit in quite nicely alongside the rest of the Spanish:

Next off the painting queue will be some artillery pieces which I am hoping to complete over the weekend.

Saturday 13 August 2022

15mm Medieval Spanish Spearmen

A quick post on the next group of figures in my Spanish medieval army project, this time ten elements of spearmen with pavise shields:

I initially thought about taking the easy way out and just giving them plain pavise shields, but decided to paint them to add a splash of colour to the army:

The figures are gain from Khurasan Miniatures:

Not quite as colourful from behind:

Next up, the star of the show in the form of a dozen elements of Spanish men-at-arms. Once they are completed things should be on track for the army to make its debut against some 100 Years War English before the end of this month.