Sunday 28 April 2024

AWI British 33rd and 38th Foot Completed

The latest two regiments to be completed, the 33rd Yorkshire West Riding and 38th Staffordshire, represent the last of the plastic Perry British AWI figures:

Both regiments have four figures based on slightly larger skirmish bases, with basing for the British Grenadier rules which I am hoping will also work equally well for Sharp Practice:

The command element is comprised of figures from the Perry metal range:

As are the two sergeants:

I decided to pose the 38th using the at trail option, to provide a bit of variety and also because they are easier to pick up than those in the advancing pose:

The flags are as usual from GMB:

With the by now two obligatory casualty figures mounted on casualty/disorder counters from Warbases:

That is five regiments now finished, so a decent start on this project even though I am finding the figures quite time-consuming to complete:

I also completed the last of the Renedra rail fences for the project:

Seen here with a couple of skirmishers for scale:

I'll get a few more AWI regiments under my belt before returning to complete the ECW 15mm cavalry, which should definitely help get my figure count up again and help make me feel more productive.