Monday 24 April 2023

15mm Medieval German Army Completed

This army took a little longer to complete than I had originally planned, mainly because of my segue into ECW Royalist foot, but now that the dismounted knights and command stands have been finished I can finally call this project complete:

The figures are all Khurasan, with the flags, pennons and some shield transfers from Little Big Men studios:

The German army offers a lot of variety, and the DBMM army list for them is one of the most bewilderingly complicated of them all with various troop types only available if you choose certain compulsory types, which then rules out other types etc.

The only option I haven't completed for this project are some landwehr pike but, given that Khurasan don't make them and because I have a lot of pike already completed for other projects, I will borrow from other armies if I decide to field them:

The other good thing about this army as it stands is that it fits almost perfectly into one of my standard A3 storage boxes:

That's it for medieval armies for a while. Next up, the last of the Royalist ECW foot regiments and then another segue into some more WWII naval.

Thursday 13 April 2023

15mm Dismounted Knights and Command

A quick post to highlight a few stands of dismounted knights and two mounted command stands. This represents the last of the Medieval Germans, so another army completed. First off the dismounted knights:

Two of these elements are actually English dismounted knights, but will be used interchangeably should I ever wish to dismount knights in a game. This is an expensive thing to do as the mounted knight elements cost a lot more than the foot, but dismounting allows them to fight as superior blade which can be useful:

The three pole armed elements are all German dismounted knights:

The shield transfers and banners are from Little Big Men Studios:

I also completed two command elements:

Easter was a bit of a disappointment in that after having caught COVID on Christmas Day, putting paid to any serious hobby time in the following two week break, I was really looking forward to a four-day break over the Easter holidays only for a bout of the flu to take hold late on Thursday and clear up just in time for work on Tuesday morning. At least it left my 285 days' accumulated sick leave untouched again.

That said, I did manage to make some progress with the last three regiments of Royalist ECW foot, over 150 figures completed. I'll post a few pictures of them soon, but might muster the completed German army for a quick parade first.