Thursday 21 June 2018

Ottoman Delis

Second post in a week, and the last of the Ottoman cavalry for this project. I really enjoyed painting these figures as they are quite different from the others that have been completed:

In the Ottoman Turkish language Deli basically meant fanatical, and they appear to have dressed accordingly wearing a variety of furs and skinned animals. To this is end I found that I have ended up painting a mixture of furs, including foxes and a lioness skin:


Bearskins, which I did in black and dark brown, and leopard hides:

The lion pelt actually reminded me a bit of the pink panther, and I wondered for a moment whether I should have done it that way for a laugh, but thankfully thought better of it:

This represents the last of the Ottoman cavalry, with nine units of twelve figures each. Just two more foot units and some artillery to go, so the end of the project is well and truly in sight now.

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Last Feudal Sipahi Unit

The third and last of the timariot or feudal sipahi units now completed, this time with a mixture of lance and sword-armed figures:

I was keen to get these completed while I was on a roll and still remembered how to approach the figures, having completed the last two feudal sipahi units within the last six weeks:

The shields have again been done using cut-down Little Big Men Studio decals which I have then attempted to blend in where the transfer does not cover the entire shield, while the lance pennons are from the same company:

That's thirty-six TAG feudal sipahis completed, to complement the twenty-four sipahis of the porte and thirty-six akinjis:

Just one unit of Delhis undergoing some final touches which I hope to have completed within the next few days, and then the cavalry component of the project will be finished.