Friday 2 May 2014

Spanish 28mm Army

I couldn't resist putting the whole army together as a group before they get stored away whilst they await the advent of their French protagonists:

This was a fun project, although I am not sorry that it is over especially as it was on the back of around seventy or eighty 15mm Essex Spanish units which I am also in the process of finalising. I have probably now painted enough Spanish to last me a life-time:

I like this picture as I believe it conveys some of the diversity of colour that can be found in a Spanish Napoleonic army, in this case the Irlanda, Ultonia, and Swiss regiments, a light battalion and an artillery battery.

All up, the army includes the following:

  • 19 line battalions (including the 1st and 2nd Irlanda and 1st Ultonia battalions)
  • 2 composite grenadier battalions
  • 3 Swiss battalions
  • 1 Guard battalion
  • 2 light battalions
  • 4 militia battalions
  • 7 cavalry regiments
  • 2 artillery batteries
  • 1 guerrilla unit

Which is around 709 infantry and cavalry figures, with 98 horses and 6 cannon.

My next project is to put the finishing touches on some 15mm Spanish, and then move on to Portuguese in both 15mm and 28mm.