Thursday 31 March 2022

French 9th Chasseurs

 The last of the line chasseurs, I chose 9eme regiment as I wanted an excuse to open my Foundry pink triad again:

The figures are again Perry, this time chasseurs in a standing pose, with the flag from GMB:

I was happy with the way these turned out and especially pleased with the pink contrast against the green:

I included three elite company figures again, this time in shakoes. I like the way the figures with the covered shako also lends a bit of variety:

That's seventeen regiments now completed with seven more to go:

I'm just finalising the Guard chasseurs at the moment, and will hopefully have a post up for them within the next few days.

Thursday 24 March 2022

French 4th Chasseurs

After painting nearly a thousand 15mm samurai figures it was nice to get back into some 28mm Napoleonics. First up the 4e Regiment of Chasseurs for whom I had painted the horses for these some time ago, so it wasn't a big job to complete the dozen figures to go on them:

The figures are Perry Miniatures and the flag is from GMB. Thankfully no more of the same disintegrating flag issues I experienced last year, and my lungs still seem to be functioning normally so I'm still not sure what caused it:

I also included a an element of elite company figures in this regiment, just to mix things up a little:

That's seventeen regiment of 28mm French cavalry now completed, with seven more still in the queue. The last regiment of chasseurs are nearing completion, and then it will be couple more regiments of Guard.

Friday 11 March 2022

15mm Samurai Army Completed

Before I get stuck back into some 28mm French Napoleonics I thought I'd gather the recently completed 15mm Samurai Army together for a quick parade:

In this case I am using the word "completed" advisedly as I have done enough for essentially all the options in the DBMM army list and really can't see myself having to paint any more. First up a couple of pictures of the Samurai foot:

The Samurai Bow:

And the Samurai general:

Under DBMM the Samurai cavalry is supposed to be double-based with their Ashigaru foot followers. Rather than doing this on a permanent basis I decided to simply create magnetic sabot bases so I can easily separate them for use with other rule sets:

There is also quite a large amount of Ashigaru pike and bow:

With a couple of elements of arquebus-armed Ashigaru:

The figures are all Eureka except for a few Museum Miniatures pavises and some Ashigaru figures which I included in the camp elements:

The Sohei monks were a welcome change of pace and are the only troop type rated as regular in the army:

As I mentioned in a previous post the total figure count is 976, with 909 foot figures and 67 horses. I have already used the army twice with one loss and one win, although it must be said the win was against an arguably much weaker foe:

I'm just putting the finishing touches on some 28mm French chasseurs at the moment, so hope to have a few pictures of them posted before too long.

Thursday 3 March 2022

15mm Sohei Monks

The Samurai army has now been completed with the completion of a contingent of Sohei monks. The bulk of this force is comprised of nineteen elements of warrior monks armed with naginata:

The Sohei monks were an influential order of Buddhist monks who were involved in many of the Samurai conflicts of the medieval and early renaissance period as allies of various clans. They apparently had saffron-coloured garments with white scarves, which is the theme I employed for these figures:

They are essentially an ally within the DBMM Samurai army list with their own ally-general. Unfortunately Eureka do not have a figure specifically for this purpose but I had a spare Samurai general who will make the command stand easy to distinguish:

The army list also allows for four elements of Sohei bow. Again, Eureka do not have a specific bow-armed monk figure, but I thought their early Ashigaru bow would suffice especially painted up in the same theme:

And that is the Samurai army finally completed. It ended up (as usual) being far larger than I had anticipated, with 976 individual figures completed in all, comprised of 909 foot figures and 67 horses.

Next up will be some more Napoleonic French cavalry. These have been primed but collecting dust for the past six months, so it will be good to get stuck back into them.