Sunday 4 September 2016

Portuguese Artillery

Moving house is not something I enjoy and always seem to underestimate in terms of the amount of work and disruption involved, but after six weeks I have finally settled in enough to complete some Front Rank Portuguese artillery I have had on the go:

I have always liked Front Rank artillery, although I sometimes find the figure poses a little stiff.

That said, they do lend themselves to my rather old-fashioned and cramped bases. Here is a close-up of the 6lber, done using the Foundry British gun grey triad which I really like:

and a 5.5" howitzer:

I am still playing around with the lighting a bit, but hope to improve on this over time. Now that I have my workshop area sorted (which is a good-sized area and one of the reasons I fell in love with the new house), I hope to be able to get through the Cacadores before Christmas to complete the project.