Friday 27 October 2017

French 25th Line Regiment

My favourite French grenadier uniforms are those in grenadier caps, so it was good to finish a regiment which includes a few more of these nice Perry-sculpted Foundry figures:

Unlike all the other French line regiments I have completed thus far, the 25th weren't at Albuera, nor were they at Fuentes de Onoro, so I'm not sure what my thought processes were with this one, other than I like the look of French grenadiers in caps:

I will have to have a proper look back through my Oman volumes to see whether they did indeed make an appearance in the Peninsular, but I'm sure they will be of use in any event:

Just one more regiment of line and then a couple of battalions of converged grenadiers to complete this part of the project, which I hope to have done within the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday 25 October 2017

French 51st Line Regiment

After a few weeks away I have managed to get stuck back into the last three regiments of French ligne, with the first being two battalions of 51st:

Another unit present at Albuera, which indicates I must have been working to a plan when I purchased the GMB flags for these figures seven or eight years ago:

That's sixteen battalions completed now, with another four just about finished:

Hopefully I should have them all completed within the next fortnight, now that my other hobby in  law studies is winding up for the year. Good fun for the most, and it is definitely using parts of the grey matter which have been under-utilised for twenty years or so, but it will be nice to fully concentrate on some Napoleonic French again.