Thursday 21 November 2019

15mm Carthaginian Army

The completion of the eight Carthaginian heavy chariots means that I have now finished the ancient Carthaginian project, so I thought I'd haul them all out for a few group photographs.

The project gives me enough options for the DBMM early and late Carthaginian lists, spanning just over four hundred years of history, so there are figures here that will never actually be deployed on the table together. The term "army" is therefore probably a bit of a misnomer, but nevertheless I thought I'd assemble them for the sake of posterity.

Here are some early citizen militia based as auxilia, with the Poeni cavalry and Libyan heavy chariots immediately behind:

A close-up of the Sacred Band on the opposite flank:

With Carthaginian generals and chariots behind them:

A closer view of some of the elephants, which I thoroughly enjoyed putting together:

Some Libyan skirmishers:

With early Libyan spearmen behind them, followed by the veteran Libyan spearmen and city militia:

An overview of the entire assemblage:

The project took around three and a half months, and was comprised of the following:

         12 Libyan javelinmen skirmish stands
         18 Libyan spearmen elements
         18 veteran Libyan spearmen elements
         7 cavalry elements (including 3 generals)
         8 Sacred Band elements
         12 city militia spearmen elements
         8 city militia auxilia elements
         5 command personality stands
         10 elephants
         8 heavy chariots
         2 bolt-shooter artillery pieces

All up that is 363 foot and cavalry figures, 53 horses, 10 elephants, 8 chariots and 2 artillery pieces.

Next up I have a few 15mm wagons to complete, and then I'm hoping to get stuck into some more 15mm Numidians I have prepared and which are next in line in the queue.

Thursday 14 November 2019

15mm Carthaginian Chariots

This is the last of the Carthaginians, which presented a bit of an obstacle to overcome. Given that eight heavy chariots means having to paint thirty-two horses and affix thirty-two pieces of fuse-wire for reigns, I knew that this would take some time.

The chariots themselves come in six parts and required gluing together, which is quite fiddly in 15mm, but I am quite pleased with the results:

The Carthaginians had phased out chariots by the Second Punic war, although they did use them for chariot racing. They featured at the battle of the Crimissus River where the Sacred Band were also wiped out.

The crew figures are Libyan rather than Carthaginian, which fits in with the theory that the chariots were actually supplied and crewed by Libyan mercenaries:

The DBMM Early Carthaginian lists lack a but of punch, so the chariots appear to me to be an essential addition to give them a chance against other armies of the period:

That's it for the Carthaginians. Quite pleasing in that I managed to get them finalised in just over three months:

I'll assemble them all and do a final headcount over the coming week, and try to post a group shot or two of the completed project.

Sunday 10 November 2019

15mm Carthaginian Personalities and Artillery

It has been a little while since the last post, due mainly to work and study commitments. At least the latter is now over for the year, so I can finalise the Carthaginian project. As part of this I had purchased many years ago the Carthaginian personality pack and, since I had over-ordered on command figures as well, decided to base these as separate elements. First up, another Hannibal figure:

And another, depicting the great man crossing the Apls (the others look less-ravaged, but unfortunately I didn't have any other Alp-crossing figures):
Including a mounted Hannibal, three so far with a fourth seated counting coins which I am going to use for a camp setting.

The set also comes with a Mago figure, one of Hannibal's brothers who fought alongside him throughout the Second Punic War and appears to have met his end at sea:

And Hasdrubal, Hannibal's other brother who died at the battle of the Metauro river while trying to lead reinforcements for Hannibal through Italy:

And a figure of Maharbal, a Numidian cavalry commander who was one of Hannibal's closest friends and confidants:

I also purchased a 28mm Xyston Hannibal just for good measure:

Also completed are two Carthaginian bolt-shooters:

I am just putting the reigns on a few Carthaginian chariots and hope to have some pictures of these up before the end of the week, whereupon the project will be completed.