Saturday 28 January 2023

15mm Medieval German Infantry

It is nearly the end of January and I am just getting around to my first post for the year, which is much later than I intended. I essentially lost a week due to my brush with COVID, and then we have been battling with a sick dog for the past two weeks which has necessitated one visit to the vet followed by six trips to the specialist hospital. Close to ten thousand dollars in veterinary bills later (with 80% thankfully covered by insurance) and I am hopeful we may finally have turned a corner with him, but know we have a few more visits to go yet.

In spite of this I have managed to disappear downstairs on a few occasions and to my surprise managed to get a bit done, with the first off the rank being twelve elements Khurasan Miniatures German infantry armed with axes, halberds, swords and falchions:

These are quite deadly against knights in DBMM, rated as Blade(X) for 'Exception' in that if they win in melee they automatically kill knight elements. Given that they start on the same melee factor as the knights they should prove quite useful:

There are four poses in each pack of eight, one with each type of armament:

Along with three elements of crossbow and the figures already completed, this was originally all I had intended for this army:

However I found I had glossed over a couple of troop types in the list which might also come in useful at some stage, so placed an additional order with Khurasan. Another sixty figures or so should see this army completed which will be the third Medieval army in just over six months. I still have the bulk of the Hundred Years War French and English plus an Italian army in the pile to be done, but will put them on hold for while.

To mix things up a little then, and while I was awaiting the arrival of the additional figures from Khurasan, I made a start on some Eureka Miniatures 15mm (actually more like 18mm) English Civil War figures. I am completing the basing on these now and hope to have the first of these up before the end of the week.