Thursday 27 June 2013

Regiment Toledo

I have always been a big fan of sky-blue facings, and the Toledo regiment is a good chance to utilise this:

I find that Foundry acrylic paints provide nice coverage and depth, and prefer to use them for the uniforms and facings, along with Vallejo for the metal shades and Citadel for the basic blacks and basing:

Regiment Leon

More Front Rank figures and GMB flags, but this time a firing line:

I have never been overly fond of these poses generally as they have always seemed a great way to lose bayonets, and a column formation of these on the table does look a bit strange. They do however represent a nice break from the usual attack or route march poses.

Even better was the fact that Front Rank accidentally sent me an additional Battalion Pack of these figures on a rather large order - I had ordered two, but received three. In typical Front Rank style, when I emailed them to point this out I received the response to simply "enjoy them". You can't argue with that for service.

Saturday 8 June 2013

Rey Immemorial

Possibly the most famous and certainly the oldest of Spanish line battalions. Again Front Rank with GMB flags:

I like the rather unusual violet facings, and have painted the drummer in the Royal livery. Thinking about it I have done most of my line battalion drummers in the Royal livery and, while I'm not sure whether this is strictly correct for all battalions, will stick with it.

I'll probably also stay with 16-figure units (at least for the time being), on the basis that Spanish battalions were typically on the small side anyway.


Wednesday 5 June 2013

Composite Spanish Grenadiers

I love the look of the Spanish grenadiers. I have done these in the same facings of most of my line regiments, so I can attach them if necessary and form bigger units:


I didn't notice until after I had taken the photo that I had positioned them incorrectly.
I wasn't sure how to paint the seal-skin caps, but settled on a heavy dark brown dry-brush over black.
The bags are always quite involved. I went with a fairly simple design which could have been a little more intricate in retrospect, but I am not completely unhappy with them: