Friday 17 September 2021

French 15th Dragoons

This unit has been sitting patiently awaiting the arrival of some replacement GMB flags for a couple of months, until I realised that I had a spare chasseur flag with essentially the correct battle honours and so was finally able to complete it. 

The 15e dragoons are the last of the four line dragoon regiments for my French army, and along with the Empress Dragoons makes five regiments in all. I used a lighter shade of pink for the facings on this unit than I had applied to the cuirassiers earlier, and think it contrasts nicely with the green uniform:

As for the flag, well all it is potentially missing is Albuera. Who knows whether that battle honour was ever actually applied alongside the others  and, in 28mm, who will really ever notice anyway?

I'm eagerly awaiting a replacement order from GMB so I can complete the last nine regiments of French cavalry, including four units of lancers where the GMB lancer pennons should work very well.

I'm currently trudging my way through sixty or so 15mm samurai cavalry and will hopefully them completed within the next few weeks.

Friday 10 September 2021

15mm Samurai Bow

 The next tranche of figure for this project are eight elements of samurai bow, comprised of 32 figures:

There are two different poses, with one shooting and the other looking as though he's about to draw another arrow from his quiver:

I did a few less sashimonos for these, primarily because they would only sit correctly on the shooting figure:

I initially gave tried out a few bowmen with the traditional red and black hoops on the bow, which took me ages to do but ended up looking too busy so I painted over them and reverted to a basic red. At least the red bow is itself a traditional colour:

The figures are again from Eureka and have a nice amount of detail for "true" 15mm sculpts:

I'm keen to get stuck into some samurai cavalry, but will complete another regiment of 28mm French dragoons before I do. I've grown a little tired of waiting for the replacement flags to arrive so will use a spare chasseur standard which has roughly the right battle honours, just to finally move them off the painting queue.