Friday 26 September 2014

Portuguese Line Regiments

Another four regiments, or eight battalions of nineteen figures each, completed over the past couple of months.

Firstly, the first and second battalions of 10th/2nd of Lisbon line regiment:

Again using 15mm Essex Miniatures, with GMB flags. There are a few variations included in each pack of line, which relieves the monotony somewhat. These seem to be mainly around the direction in which the heads are facing, although there are two distinct styles, one of which is slightly squatter than the other and which would appear to be of a later vintage.

That said, they are the same height, which is 15mm from top of base to eyeball, rather than the 18mm of other figures such as AB. To compensate for this, I have used the larger 3mm Litko base, so that they won't appear too small against their AB protagonists:

Here are the two battalions of 1st of Lisbon:

Both regiments formed part of the first or Central division in the Portuguese army, as indicated by the white piping and regimental flag. As mentioned, all battalions are of 19 figures which at a 1:40 ratio represents a full paper-strength of 760 men.

I also managed to complete two regiments from the second or Southern division. with red piping and standard. First, the two battalions from the 5th regiment, or 1st Elvas:

and two from 14th Tavira:

This is how all eight battalions arranged together appears:

All  the above formed part of Beresford's Portuguese contingent at Albuera although, by that stage, they had probably all adopted the later British-issued uniform with the stovepipe, as opposed to the barretina shako.

Only two more line regiments or four battalions to complete now, and then on to some Cacadores.