Monday 17 August 2020

15mm Republican Roman Legionaries Completed

Having completed the Principes last week and reached the halfway point on this project, I thought I'd put all the legionaries together for a few group photos (and thank you again to Jonathan of Palouse Wargaming Journal for the thumbnail tip):

    As with the rest of the project, the figures are all Xyston and the shield transfers by Little Big Men Studios:

There are essentially four legions in all, with the first two lines being hastati, the third principes, with the triarii in the last rank:

The unit out on its own to the left are pilum-armed principes for use in later Republican Roman army lists as I intend for this army to cover all options from Camillan to the later Marian reforms:

All up this represents 106 elements or 424 individual figures. I have certainly had my fill of cutting and positioning LBMS shield transfers for now, although I do think they give the figures an extra lift and are worth the effort:

That's a large part of this project finished, although I estimate I still have around 400 figures to be completed. Thankfully there is a bit more variety in the remaining troop types, including some Italian allies and a penal legion:

Next up some Accensi for use with the early list which involves the last of the LBMS shield designs, for this army at least.

Sunday 9 August 2020

15mm Republican Roman Principes

I knew this Republican Roman army was going to be a slog, but I feel as though I have broken the back of it with the completion of twenty-eight elements of Principes, totaling one hundred and twelve figures. Four of the units are spear-armed, shown here with some earlier completed command stands:

I must have over-ordered by one packet, so included them as extra elements for one of the legions:

I also completed one unit armed with pila for use with the later Marian Roman DBMM list:
The figures are from Xyston, with the shield transfers again from Little Big Men Studios:
This now represents the legionaries completed, and means I am around two-thirds of the way through the army. 
I am planning on hauling out the remainder of the legionaries for a group photo while I have the scenery backdrop in place, to hopefully provide me with enough motivation to push the remaining third of the project over the line.