Friday 17 February 2023

18mm ECW Newcastle's Regiment of Foot

After having done a red and a blue-coated regiment, I wanted to try one with white coats and so decided that the Marquis of Newcastle's regiment would do nicely:

The same organisation as before, with four stands of pike and eight of muskets. I will be doing a few spare stands of pike for each army so I can make larger regiments as required, but am enjoying painting 48 figures for each unit as I am finding that a manageable number:

The flag for this unit, like so many in the ECW, can probably best be described as 'uncomplicated'. Maverick models do offer a resizing option and I went with the standard after having had problems fitting them on some 15mm Samurai. As per Peter's, from Blunders on the Danube, suggestion I may yet end up re-ordering them from Maverick Models, but will use the current stock for the time being. The majority are colonels' flags anyway, and they may simply have been stingy with the material:

I will continue to use an assortment of figures on the bases. There are six variants in the standing/firing pose, but I am finding it really helps to keep the interest level up by adding a few others into the mix:

That is three regiments now completed, with two more on the painting table and which should both be completed at the same time:

The medieval German crossbowmen have also all been prepared, so I will return to that army shortly to finish the last eighty or so figures.

Thanks also to Jonathan of the Palouse Wargaming Journal's suggestion on the thumbnail workaround It worked like a charm, and a lovely bit of IT support on his part.

Wednesday 8 February 2023

18mm ECW Prince Rupert's Regiment of Foot

After the red-coated King's Lifeguard I wanted to add a blue-coated regiment, and Prince Rupert's Regiment of Foot fitted the bill nicely:

Prince Rupert's Regiment also has an interesting flag, at least compared with some of the other rather plain flags carried by other regiments. The flag is again from Maverick models, and the figures are all Eureka miniatures:

I have the man himself along with his dog, Boy, and will be doing them both at a later stage when I get to the command figures. I have settled on eight elements of shotte with four of pike (including the command stand) as a standard configuration but will be doing a few spare elements of pike for the Royalists to bolster their regiments as required:

I was originally going to do six regiments of Royalists and the same for the Parliamentary army, but now have plans to expand these to eight each which will mean around four hundred foot figures for each army. Nothing like a bit of project creep when the project has barely commenced, but I am enjoying painting these figures so much that I am hoping the eight hundred foot figures will be achievable. I also have six regiments of horse of eighteen figures each planned for each side.

There is a bit of a shine on these figures in some of the above pictures which thankfully is not apparent to the naked eye after my usual two coats of Dullcote. The pikemen at the rear in the picture below are probably more representative of the blue I used for these:

That's two regiments done now, with the third nearing completion. 

Wednesday 1 February 2023

18mm ECW King's Lifeguard of Foot Regiment

While I was awaiting the arrival of an order to complete my medieval German army I decided to make a start on some Eureka Miniatures English Civil War miniatures which have been sitting primed for the best part of twelve months. The first regiment to be completed is the King's Lifeguard of Foot:

I decided to do each regiment with four elements of pike (including the command) and eight of musketeers, with four to a base for each element so 48 figures in total. I was originally planning on putting just three figures on each musketeer base but, at this scale, quite liked the look of four so went with that:

The figures are sold as 18mm which they most certainly are, but are no larger than some other manufacturers' figures marketed as 15mm.  The flag is from Maverick Models who do a nice range of Civil War flags:

The King's Lifeguards were noted as having red coats, breeches and montero caps, into which I mixed some variation. The red could perhaps have been a little darker given the photos of some re-enactors I viewed online, but there seems to be a lot of speculation over what was actually worn and I felt more comfortable using the Foundry British Redcoat red at this scale:

I went with armoured pikemen for this regiment. The figures were not supplied with pikes but I had purchased extra from Xyston Miniatures for this purpose and was pleasantly surprised how easily they fit the models with no need to drill hands:

It is always enjoyable starting a new project and I managed to paint this unit in less than a week:


The Khurasan order has now arrived, but I will try to get a few more Royalist units completed before getting stuck back into the Germans. I know I had better not leave them too long however, before I disappear down the ECW rabbit hole.