Monday 25 May 2020

15mm Republican Roman Pilum-armed Hastati

After recently completing the Tibetan 15mm army I wanted to return and finalise the next tranche of Republican Romans in the remaining twenty-four elements of hastati armed with pila (plus one additional element armed with swords):

The figures are again Xyston, with Little Big Men Studio shield decals:

These are again really a large 18mm figure and tower over the recently completed Tibetans, but the extra size does allow for some nice detail:

I really wouldn't want them to be too much smaller anyway as applying the shield decals is a painstaking-enough process even on these larger figures:

That's another twenty-five elements completed, with fifty elements or two hundred figures in total, toward this army:

It is going to be a large project when completed, and I estimate around eight hundred figures in total. The triarii are up next, and then I have a few other projects backed up which I might dip into depending on how the mood takes me and whether my motivation for Romans continues.

Thursday 7 May 2020

15mm Tibetan Army Completed

The twelve elements of dismounted cavalry marked the end of this project, so I thought I'd gather the units together for a few group shots:

All the figures are from Khurasan Miniatures, with all from their Tibetan range except for the nomadic cavalry which are from their Mongol collection, and the two heavy rope-pull stonethrowers from the Sung Chinese range:

I painted up the maximum number of armoured cavalry allowed by the DBMM army lists, with thirty-three elements in all including the three C-in-c and sub-general elements:

We normally play 400 point games which would allow me to field most of these which I'd like to try depending upon the opponent, although it would probably not make for the most interesting of encounters and no doubt just be a case of line them up and roll forward:

In total, the army is comprised of the following:

3 armoured cavalry general elements
30 armoured cavalry elements
14 nomadic cavalry elements
18 nomadic light horse
12 elements of dismounted heavy cavalry
6 elements of spearmen
6 elements of bowmen
8 elements of Himalayan skirmishers
2 heavy roper-pull stonethrowers

All up this represents 299 foot and mounted figures and 177 horses, or 476 figures and two artillery pieces in total, and took me around three months which I am quite pleased with.

Some of the army has already seen one game, and we are lining up another for them once gaming has resumed, so it will be nice to roll some dice and see them in action again.

Monday 4 May 2020

15mm Tibetan Dismounted Cavalry

The last unit in this army is twelve stands of dismounted cavalry, which can then be used as a superior spear-armed foot unit:

One of the elements represents a dismounted Tibetan king with a couple of standard bearers, just in case the C-in-C needs to himself dismount at any stage. That said, it is something I don't think I'd be going out of my way to do, especially as one has to pay the additional points for them being mounted in the first place and it is quite easy for them to lose their horses in combat once they are on foot:

As with the rest of the army, the figures are again from Khurasan:

That's the Tibetans completed then, and I'll try to arrange a group photo before I move on to the next project.