Wednesday 29 June 2022

15mm Medieval Spanish Crossbowmen

 Next in line for this army are some crossbowmen, with sixteen elements in closeorder and six skirmish elements comprising 76 figures in total:

The figures are Khurasan but smaller and more slightly built than some others in their range, and to my eye the corssbow looks a little oversized. They probably look better en masse:

When I was painting them I couldn't get the image of the Monty Python French soldiers out of my head due to the similarity of the helmets:

I preferred painting the skirmish figures some of whom are in lighter clothing:

That's the crossbowmen completed then:

I hope to have completed the basing for twelve elements of cavalry before the weekend is over, which will mean I am starting to make an impact on this army. I am looking forward to doing some Spanish knights as part of the project but will probably save them until last as I am expecting they will involve the most work.

Friday 10 June 2022

15mm Medieval Spanish Handgunners and Slingers

 The DBMM Medieval Spanish list allows a few different types of skirmish troops among which are several elements of handgunners and slingers. The handgunners were particularly fun to paint:

The figures are again from Khurasan, and with all that armour have a distinctly late medieval feel about them. I'm not sure how quickly they would have moved in real life though and it will be amusing to to see them sprinting around the table at skirmish speed:

The slingers look much more skirmish-like, and look like peasants who have picked up a few rocks and joined the fray:

I have finished a couple more law subjects this semester, once of which was a double-weighted a honours research project, so now have a six week break before commencing my final two subjects during which I hope to ramp up my production output and really get stuck into this project. Next up will be some Spanish crossbowmen.

Friday 3 June 2022

15mm Medieval Spanish Jinetes

Having recently finished the French Napoleonic cavalry I wanted to move on to something a little different so thought I would tackle a medieval Spanish army. First to be completed are twelve elements of Spanish light cavalry or Jinetes, which is apparently Spanish for 'horseman':

The figures are from Khurasan and look to be a true 15mm, so are on the smaller side. The Jinetes come in three different poses which is enough to provide some variety:

Most of the figures are armed with javelins which came with the figures, but for some reason were difficult to attach with me having to hold each in place for at least a minute before the glue would bind. Some also came with a rather curious three-tailed javelin which looks more like a large dart, seen here on the figure on the right. This features in a few other Spanish packs so it must be a medieval Spanish thing, but not something I have seen before:

I am planning on using a few reds and yellows in this army, particularly on the knights, to try to give it some Spanish flavour:

There is quite a bit to do in this army, but if all goes to plan I hope to have it completed some time in August so they can make their debut in a game in late August or September.