Thursday 29 September 2022

15mm Swiss Halberdiers and Baggage

This last group of sixteen figures means the medieval Spanish army is now complete. Rated as superior pike, these Swiss halberdiers will make the occasional appearance in future games:

Relatively simple figures, they were great to paint. Probably because they were straightforward to do, and there were only sixteen of them:

I did briefly entertain the thought of fielding an entire Swiss army, but when I found the army is made up almost entirely of halberdiers I realised that the novelty would soon wear off, plus it would probably be rather boring to play:

I also completed some Bauda medieval tents, with a large command tent I painted in Spanish-style colours:

A couple of smaller tents:

Plus some field huts:

Nice little models, as Baueda products invariably are:

That's the Spanish army completed then. I will quickly do some more English longbowmen to form the nucleus of that army, and then will probably stick with medievals for a little while longer and have a go at a Teutonic army which I uncovered while assembling the Spanish.

Friday 23 September 2022

15mm Medieval Spanish Javelinmen

I actually finished these figures a few weeks ago but have not had a chance to take any pictures until earlier this week. Sixteen elements of auxiliary infantry and four of light, comprising 56 figures in total:

As with the rest of the army, the figures are from Khurasan with four poses in each pack:

These can be upgraded to Superior when fielding an Aragonese Spanish army, so can hold their own against many other troop types:

These are the last main unit in the army, although I still have a few Swiss mercenaries and some baggage elements to go to fully round things out. Hopefully I will have a few pictures of those up shortly after the weekend.

I noticed blogger misbehaved again during the week, dropping around half the links to the blogs I like to access. The links were actually still there, but without any feed coming through. A rather unedifying hour spent deleting and reconstituting those affected sorted things out, but I'm still a bit mystified as to what happened. I suppose Blogger is free, but I'd happily pay a small monthly subscription for them not to mess around with such things for no obvious improvement.