Tuesday 31 August 2021

15mm Samurai

While awaiting the arrival of some flags to replace an order from February which appears to have gone astray, and which I need to complete the last ten regiments of French cavalry, I thought I'd get started on a 15mm Samurai army for DBMM starting with twenty-seven elements of samurai foot:

I went with Eureka Miniatures which are a true 15mm, so look quite small next to my other Xyston DBMM armies but will fit in nicely alongside my Khurasan Tibetan army:

That said, the details are certainly still there:

I found them quite fiddly to paint, not because of the sculpts which are very nice, but because of all the lace on the samurai armour:

I stuck with a few basic designs for the sashimono banners to keep try to keep things somewhat muted, essentially just black, white and red:

There are six different foot warrior designs:

Plus a general and standard bearer figure for the command stands:


That's a total of 110 figures in all, with two left over for a camp:

Next up, some samurai bow.