Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Akinjis Completed

I have managed to complete and base two more units of Akinjis over the weekend, comprised of twelve figures each:

The figures are again TAG castings and are fun to paint. As the majority are holding bows there wasn't any drilling of hands to be done, apart from the command figures. This is one of my pet hates as, even though I have several sets of pin vices, I can be a little heavy-handed and invariably end up taking away a hand or two (including parts of mine on several occasions):

Here they are again alongside the first unit completed last month, making thirty-six figures on eighteen bases in total:

Each unit contains two command bases. This means that there are less actual horse archers but provides more flexibility with regard to unit size:

Which theoretically means that it should be easier to make an evade move, although I'm sure I'll find a way to run them through a unit of Janissaries:

That's it for the Akinjis, which I believe now represents just over the half-way point for the project.


Two units of Janissaries  = 48 figures
Three units of Azabs       = 72 figures
Two units of Sipahis        = 48 figures (including horses)
Three units of Akinjis      = 72 figures (including horses)

Total to date                      = 240 figures


Three units of Feudal Sipahis = 72 figures (including horses)
One unit of Delhis                   = 24 figures (including horses)
Two more units of Janissaries = 48 figures
One unit of Tufekcis                = 24 figures
Six artillery pieces and crew   = 24 figures
Command figures                    = 12 figures

Total remaining                       = 204 figures and six guns

With regard to command figures, I have finished the first:

No doubt they will make a reappearance once I get around to the remainder, but it is nice to get one stand under the belt for now at least:

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll have the next unit of bow-armed Janissaries completed before the end of March, which should keep things rolling.


  1. I love this kind of cavalry, even if I have to fight them often (!) in our games, and your job is really superb, great colors on the command base as well...

    1. Thanks Phil. I am quite looking forward to mastering them on the gaming table, and the first couple of outings will no doubt be challenging.

  2. That's going to be a pretty serious horde of lead when you are all done.
    I think it's pretty easy for figures of this type to end up looking like a brown mud mass, but even from a distance they all look sharp and differentiated. Very well done.

    1. Cheers Dave. I probably have too many Janissary units, but the TAG figures were just too difficult to resist.

  3. Its always a good position to be in when you have broken the back of a project. That command group looks great.

    1. Thanks Mark. There are a few more command figures I am looking forward to getting stuck into over the next month or so, including a vignette of the Janissary Kazan or cooking pot.

  4. Some very nice looking units Lawrence, very nice paintwork.


    1. Thanks Tony. I'm enjoying watching your ACW project come together as well.

  5. Nice job on the Akinjis. They are cheap but Joe always manages to make good use of them with his Ottoman army! The leader base is spectacular, too!

    1. Thanks Peter, much appreciated. Yes, a few low-cost options to balance the more expensive Sipahis.