Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Spanish Artillery

I have probably overdone the overall number of these and am not sure when they could actually all see the field of battle, but at least I am fairly confident now that I won't run short:

I quite like the Essex 15mm equipment and they have a fairly rounded range to choose from. There is also some variety among the artillery figures - enough to have kept me interested, at least:

The only thing lacking were appropriate limber figures, but I threw some Essex renaissance ox-drawn limbers together with some spare figures which I hope look the part. These don't take a big part in the battles we play, but I wanted to include them more for the sake of completion than anything else:

I'm not overly sure that I managed to capture the faded cobalt-blue of the Spanish artillery pieces as well as (I like to think) I did in 28mm, but they were a lot of fun to put together.


  1. Madre de Dios, that's a lot of Spanish ordnance... and even more so the limbers! I do think your ox drawn limbers work well for this army.

  2. Thanks Peter, I was quite happy with the way they turned out and they do provide a bit of variety.