Thursday, 4 July 2013

Voluntarios de Cataluna Light Regiment

These are probably the fiddliest I have done for the Spanish, and the yellow piping and lace didn't help as I found I had to go over it three or four times to give it some depth:

While I wonder how many were still knocking about in this uniform by 1809, I am not altogether unhappy with the result and they do provide some welcome variety.


  1. One of the regiments I have on the drawing board. Currently painting my very first Spanish battalion in white - so I hope, like you, that I could manage twenty before white fatigue set in. :)

  2. There have been times when I have closed my eyes at night and could still see them. I'll look forward to seeing pictures of your completed units though Brian, as I am sure they will be up to the usual top notch standard.