Sunday, 17 May 2015

Portuguese 2nd Lagos Regiment

Another two battalions completed toward a 28mm Portuguese project, and this time the 2nd Lagos Regiment.

Belonging to the Southern Grand Division, the Lagos regiment's uniforms were therefore piped in red with turnbacks of the same colours, and the second battalion carried a red regimental colour:

The 2nd Lagos were usually brigaded with the 14th Tavira regiment, both having been raised from the Algarve region of Portugal, and was present at Bussaco, Albuera, Vittoria and the push into Southern France in 1814.

Here is the first battalion carrying the King's colour:

And the second with the regimental flag:

Finally, a quick look at the second from the rear, which is a view I don't believe the French ever saw, and one I hope won't occur too often when this regiment eventually takes to the table:

I have just ordered a few more flags from GMB to complete a regiment or two from the Northern Division.

I do have to keep reminding myself to paint in the regimental numbers on these flags which Grahame Black has thoughtfully left blank, the Arabic number generally being the only difference between flags of the same division.

I just wish I could remember to paint them when they are lying flat, rather than after I have attached and curled them around the flag staves...


  1. another great looking unit and paint work...lovely!

    1. Thanks Phil, much appreciated as always.

    2. you are welcomed Sir!

      check out my start on 28mm Elite Miniatures Napoleonic Saxons - any thoughts? :o)


  2. Really stunningly well done, Lawrence. The GMB flags, gorgeous as always, are the finishing touch... with cords, even!

    1. Thanks Peter. GMB flags are terrific, and it is always my favourite part when I finally get to attach the flag at the end of working on a new unit.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for that. I have to say there is a fair bit more "real estate" for me to play with to make the job a lot easier, especially when compared to your terrific work with AB 18mm figures.