Monday 13 April 2015

Portuguese Militia

The last of the units for this 15mm Portuguese project; some recently completed Portuguese militia battalions:

As with the line, the militia belonged to the South, Center or North division, with their piping and turnback colours being red, white and yellow respectively. Unlike the regular line however, they had yellow (as opposed to white) plumes, and the officers and NCOs could often be found in bicornes in contrast to the shakoes of the line.

I personally find the yellow plumes slightly unbecoming, but apparently they were quite popular with some of the dandies of the day who enrolled as officers in the militia battalions upon the outbreak of hostilities with France, and many undoubtedly added their own affectations to the standard pattern:

Here are three from the Southern division in the form of the Lagos, Tavira and Beja battalions:

and the Lisbon and Oliveira dos Azemeis battalions from the Central Division:

The militia were mainly employed in the defence of towns and on garrison duties, so it is unlikely they will see the light of day in any of our games. Unless of course we mount an Iberian campaign at some point, in which case they might come in useful.


  1. I don't think many people paint up Portuguese Militia, Lawrence... but I am glad that you did. You're right, these could come in really useful for a campaign setting. I think the yellow plumes look just fine, especially when you recall the National colors are blue red, white and yellow.

    Many of the campaigns in the Penisula would work well as a "Campaign in a Day" with Snappy Nappy or other rules; the mountains and rivers really restrict your options for approach... and withdrawal.

  2. Thanks Peter. Having read your excellent write-up of the battle of the Katzbach, the Snappy Rules do seem quite appealing. Our group normally plays using a home-grown set which we are all quite fond of, but they are open to ideas and Snappy Nappy might be just the thing for a 28mm game I am keen to host, once I have completed a few more figures.

  3. Unusual and beautiful...your blog is definitively of great inspiration...