Friday, 25 October 2013


Another unit which doesn't really fit in with my Talavera project, but one which I felt compelled to purchase. This unit of irregulars were composed of Spanish cattle herders, and distinguished themselves at Bailen:

The Front Rank figures certainly look the part, with the characteristic "Franciscan" straw hat:

I also replaced the standard Front Rank lance with some from North Star, which I think look a bit more in line with the Spanish "garrocha":

There were apparently between two to five hundred of them there, so a dozen figures at a ratio of 1:40 is probably at the higher end, but at least they provide something a little different:


  1. Another unity with lots or character! You paint quite a spectrum of horse colors for each unit, I see.

    1. Thanks as usual, Peter. Given the relative paucity of Spanish horseflesh, I gave myself a little more licence than I normally would with units of other nations.

      That, and the fact that it helps keep me interested!