Friday, 27 June 2014

Spanish General Staff

I finally completed the General Staff for my Spanish over the past week. The personality figures and some of the ADCs are by Warmodelling Miniatures of Spain, while the foot and general cavalry figures are Essex Miniatures 15mm.

I think the two mix reasonably well, although the Warmodelling miniatures are much slighter. I certainly found myself struggling with them a little more than the Essex at this scale, mainly because I couldn't find the necessary and obvious detail I need more nowadays, although to be fair it was probably there but I may have been unable to realise it:

There is quite a range of personalities to choose from, and I purchased one of each, even though most of them didn't actually serve together in the same theater. I made General Gregorio Garcia de la Cuesta the overall Commander-in-Chief:

Along with Jose Pascual de Zayas, who was probably the most competent Spanish commander of the war, as evidenced by the additional training he put his troops through prior to Albuera which enabled them to perform so admirably:

Don Pedro Caro y Sureda, better know as the Marquis de la Romana who effectively covered the retreat of Sir John Moore before "melting" away into the hills after the British had embarked at Corunna, and with whom Wellington worked quite effectively until Romana's death in early 2011:

That's the generals and staff finally completed. A few more pictures of Swiss and my favourite regiment, the Irlanda, to be posted now.


  1. I do so enjoy seeing your Espanoles, Lawrence. Great inspiration foir me for next year!

    1. Thanks Peter, I'm very much looking forward to seeing your results.