Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Spanish Dragoons

It has been a little while since I finished painting these, but managed to get the standards attached over the past weekend which means that all five regiments are now complete. The figures are Essex 15mm miniatures, part of a large stash I built up when I lived in the UK for two years back in the early 2000's, and the standards are from Maverick Models. Yellow is never the easiest colour on 28mm figures in my experience, but seemed almost enjoyable in 15mm:

The five units are the Rey, Reina, Pavia, Almansa and Numancia regiments with 16 figures per unit which, at the 1:40 figure ratio we use, represents a paper strength of 640 men per regiment.

Not that we will ever probably use them at full strength, and it will be an unusual battle where we would use all five regiments, but they are available nevertheless should we need them for a future campaign.

I also managed to complete four Spanish light and heavy cavalry regiments, and will post them separately over the coming week or so.


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    1. Thanks for that Phil. They were amongst the first 15mm figures I have painted, so was fairly pleased with them as a first attempt.

  2. I love them!

    When I start painting my own (28mm) Spanish army in a year or so, I am especially looking forward to doing some of the yellow-coated Dragoons. Not five regiments for sure - you have more regiments of Spansih Dragoons here than I have French ones!

    1. Thanks Peter. Yes, even though these are only 15mm, I think it is unlikely I'll ever want to use all five on a table at any one time. Mind you, I we ever play a campaign using them, you can never be sure what that might throw up and at least I'll be prepared!