Friday, 1 January 2016

Portuguese 16th Viera Tellas Regiment

The last unit I managed to complete in 2015, on the morning of December 31st, but which I didn't have a chance to photograph and prepare a quick post on until today. One too many Gin and Tonics put paid to that I'm afraid.

The 16th Viera Tellas Regiment fought at Bussaco, Salamanca and Vittoria in Pack's brigade, and were under Campbell at the battle of the Nive:

I purchased Front Rank Portuguese "advancing" figures for this regiment as I knew my motivation would be starting to flag after having painted 280 or so of the marching figures, and am a little annoyed with myself that I didn't order a few more as I very much like the pose of these figures:

As another regiment which formed part of the Central Division they carried a white regimental standard and had white piping:

This makes sixteen Portuguese line battalions completed with, what I had originally thought, were only two more to go:

And so it was with a strange feeling of simultaneous delight and disappointment that I found I have enough figures for another two battalions beyond this.

When I think I'll ever get the chance to deploy twenty Portuguese line battalions I don't know, and I was quite looking forward to getting stuck into the Cacadores (where I also found enough figures for an additional battalion beyond the six I had originally planned), but I know I'll have to paint the line figures before I allow myself to move on.

Which just leaves me to say a big thank you to those who have read these thoughts during 2015 and left such kind comments, and to wish everyone a happy and fulfilling 2016.


  1. They look awesome, excellent job...and Happy New Year!!

    1. Thanks Phil, and the best for you and yours in 2016.

  2. Your new Portuguese look superb, Lawrence, and I think you're right that you should have gotten more units in this very nice Advancing position. It seems it was a veteran outfit.

    So you will have 20 Portuguese Line battalions and 7 of cacadores?
    540 figures worth!

    How many Dragoons and Artillery when it's all done. I could see you using the Portuguese as the main force for a fictional campaign - that would be the best way to get a lot of them on the table, I think!

    Happy New Year!

  3. That's it exactly Peter - 540 foot in total, with three regiments of dragoons and two batteries of six guns. Given that I am 360 foot figures in there is still a way to go, but I feel as though I am making progress.

    I have assembled them with the idea that they could operate as an independent army exactly as you say. At least that way I should have enough options up my sleeve.

  4. That's a fine looking body of troops you have there Lawrence! Superbly painted and looking great. I love how the flag really sets them off wonderfully.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Jason. GMB flags really round things out nicely.

  5. As I've said elsewhere, great figures and a good reference for myself soon. If you don't mind me asking which shade of blue do you use for your Portuguese?

    1. Thanks again Anthony. The blue I have used for these is the Foundry French Blue triad. The shade is very dark (almost purple) but the base and highlight seems to bring it out nicely and I have been quite happy with the result.