Saturday, 11 April 2015

Portuguese General Staff

I probably should have put the Portuguese part of the title to this post in quotation marks as they are essentially a mixture of Austrian and Russian Essex figures:

The reason I pursued this line is that most of the other figures, such as AB, do tower over the true 15mm Essex and would therefore possibly have looked even more out of place. I am not however altogether unhappy with the result, especially given that Napoleonic staff uniforms could often be eccentric at the best of times:

Most of these have been based as brigade commanders, on the assumption that they will normally be operating alongside our Peninsular British in the games we have planned going forward:

Just five small battalions of Portuguese militia to finalise over the coming days, and that should then be another army completed.


  1. I think they look more than sufficiently Portuguese. Just call one João, one Paulo, and one Timóteo and yopu'll be all set!

    (Our area has a significant Portuguese-American and Brazilian-American population).

  2. Thanks Peter, I might make up labels for the bases along those lines. We seem to have a noticeably larger amount of Brazilians here in Brisbane as well, probably due to the climate and (I would guess) more disposable income to relocate or holiday. Everyone I have met from that country to date has been extremely nice with a positive outlook on life.