Monday, 23 February 2015

Portuguese 15mm Artillery

A  compromise here, in that I have utilised Essex British 1815 artillery as a proxy for Portuguese batteries. This is mainly because Essex tend to be a "true" 15mm figure, and any of the other manufacturers do tend to tower over them a little:

That said, the barretina shakoes on the figures and the actual cannon themselves are possibly not that far off:

The cross-belts and equipment are possibly a little more problematic (although I quite like the way the gunners appear to be in the midst of heated discussion in this picture):

The only slightly annoying thing about these figures is that, as with most Essex artillery crew, there is a random assortment of poses. That in itself is usually fine, but in this case I ended up with seven of the eighteen crew holding rammers. Only a minor quibble in the great scheme of things, and the figures were quite nice to paint.

At least it is another unit done, and I don't think they will look too far out of place. I now only have the cavalry, general staff and militia to complete, which I am hoping to achieve before the end of March 2015.


  1. Thanks again Peter, I was quite happy with them in the end.