Saturday, 15 November 2014

Viera Tellas and Serpa Portuguese Regiments

The last two of my 15mm Portuguese line regiments just completed, making eight in all (or the equivalent of sixteen battalions). Firstly, the 16th Viera Tellas:

and the two battalions of the 22nd Serpa:

These figures, while still being a true 15mm, are much more enjoyable to paint than some of my other Essex figures. There is quite a lot more dynamism in these, and I am pleased I added a few "firing" line figures into the mix:

Now, on to complete eight regiments of cacadores (I still have no idea how I ended up with so many)...


  1. sixteen line battalions and you have eight regiments of Cacadores to work before finishing them off.... Wow! your army would be an awesome sight on the table top....marvelous!

    1. I have probably gone a bit overboard to be honest Phil, especially with the Cacadores, but then I should easily have enough for most games we undertake.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Peter. Just over half way now, and then it will be back to my more favoured 28mm.